Dutee Chand wins gold in World University Games

Sprinter Dutee Chand won the 100m gold medal on Tuesday in the ongoing World University Games in Napoli.

Chand won the gold medal in just 11.32 seconds. She also holds the 100m national record with 11.24 seconds. “With years of hard work and your blessings, I have yet again broken the record by winning the Gold in the 100m dash in 11.32 seconds at The World University Games, Napoli. In the pictures, are the winners too, with a heart of Gold from Germany and Sweden. @Napoli2019_ita,” Chand tweeted.

She posted a picture of her with the gold medal and captioned it “Picked it up”.

“Pull me down, I will come back stronger,” she wrote in another tweet.

Chand recently made headlines as she disclosed that she’s in a same-sex relationship.

“This is my personal matter. I am sure everything will be fine in a month or two. On the international level, there are several athletes (who are in a same-sex relationship). To live, everybody needs a partner who understands your heart. We like each other so we decided to live together. She gives me motivation for my sport. My focus on sports will be intact,” she had said.

“Problem will come and go in future, nobody can take guarantee of that. But I think there won’t be any problem. If it won’t happen, I’ll be able to focus more on my training. My focus is on Olympics 2020 (to be held in Tokyo). I am training to qualify and participate in the Olympics,” she added.

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