Bangladesh government reveals name of top 300 loan defaulters

Finance Minister of Bangladesh AHM Mustafa Kamal today in the parliament revealed the names of the top 300 loan defaulters.

These top defaulters together have defaulted loan amounting to Tk 50,942 crore.T

The minister also provided a list of 14,617 individuals and institutions who have outstanding loans of over Tk five crore since 2009.

The Minister informed parliament that the total amount of bad loan in the banks and financial institutions increased by Tk 43,210 crore since September 2015.

In 2018, the total amount of default loans in the banking and financial institutions sector stood at 102315.19 crore up from 59,105  crore at the end September 2015.

Earlier in March this year, the government had provided a list of top 20 defaulters to the parliament.

According to the figures provided in March, the share of bad loans amounted to 10.3 percent of the total loans of the banking sector at the end of 2018 in Bangladesh.

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