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21 days of lockdown. India is currently in lockdown mode. Every state, every capital, every city and village are all in a self isolation zone.

Is gripping to deal with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic causing humans all over to shut themselves up in their houses. The virus doesn’t care if you are a celebrity or a common man, it treats everyone equally. To document this impact of lockdown and how it feels to be self-isolated for 21 days, we invited popular Bollywood actor Pulkit Samrat to chronicle his 21-day journey with us.

Pulkit was initially overwhelmed at the idea of documenting his life for 21 days. He said, “Wow 21 days is a really long time. I really don’t know what I am going to do for the next three weeks. But it will be interesting to document everything.”

Here’s the video of Pulkit on Day 1 introducing the 21 days lockdown series with us.

Pulkit Samrat takes up 21 days lockdown challenge

Pulkit will be sharing his personal diary for the next 20 days and sharing his ups and downs coping with this self-isolation period. Stay tuned and keep watching this space as we bring to you one video per day.

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