Deepika tells paparazzo ‘Aaja baith ja’, Twitter says it’s Ranveer Singh’s impact. Watch video

On-screen character Deepika Padukone was spotted at the Mumbai air terminal by the paparazzi on Monday evening. Blazing a major grin to the picture taker, Deepika likewise stretched out a welcome for them to join her in her vehicle.

As Deepika strolled to her vehicle outside the airplane terminal, an energized photographic artist approached her vehicle to snap pictures. “Aaja baith ja (Come, sit),” Deepika said with a major grin all over to the picture taker.

Deepika’s fans likewise cherished seeing the interesting and humourous side of her character. “At last somebody acknowledges that she is funny…her cleverness is misjudged,” thought of one fan. Others thought about whether her better half Ranveer Singh’s character is scouring off on her. “Ranveer Singh ka assar hai,” thought of one, while another stated, “This is baba’s assar.”

Deepika was found in a white shirt and silver jeans at the air terminal. She shared pictures wearing a similar outfit on Instagram on Monday evening. “There’s no such thing as an excess of bling!” she subtitled one of the photo. Ranveer, who is a Sindhi, remarked: “Showed her well! Whaat-ay great Sindhi Bahu”. On another picture, he expressed: “Hee patloon dado suttho aaeh”.

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