Coronavirus lockdown: Ayushmann Khurrana recites a new poem, ‘Hum chunengey zindagi jo swasth ho, khush-haal ho’ | Hindi Movie News

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana who is also known for his poetry skills on Friday decided to ditch on reciting his own write-upps and lauded a Banaras based poet Neeti Panday as he read out her poem on social media.

The actor took to Twitter and said, “So, I decided I cannot be reading poetry everyday I’ll get bored. So, today I decided that I will read this poem by Neeti Pandey. She is very talented from Banaras.”

The ‘Vicky Donor‘ actor then went on to recite the poem which held immense relevance with the current scenario of coronavirus outbreak and the crisis prompted by it.

“Kisi aur ka khamiyaaza kyu bharr raha hai aadmi, Aadmi laachar jag mei mar raha hai aadmi. Bhool dekh dusro ki seekh le na kuch saka, Aaj par utpaad kaisa kar raha hai aadmi. Jab chhill jahai zindagi maut me tapi in sadko par, Rakh zindagi hatheli par kyu vichar raha hai aadmi,” Khurrana recited the poem.

“Roz marrah ki shikayat se bhara tha jiska kal, Pooch lo sukoon se din kitne raha hai aadmi. Haan zara bandhna sai hai ye jabran ghar par baithna, Par dekho gair mulko me bas khabar raha hai aadmi. Zindagi mehfoos kardu kehta hai ye totka, Apno k liye apno se door agar raha hai aadmi,” he further read it out.

“Har vipatti mei ek jut hui hai jab insaniyat, Ek zara si mahamari se kyu darr raha hai aadmi. Hum chunengey zindagi jo swasth ho khush-haal ho, Ye baat aur hai ki kab amar raha hai aadmi,” he recited.

Earlier on Thursday, the 35-year-old actor who is under self-isolation recited his poem ‘Sab Ardhanirmit hai’ for his fans on Twitter.

Like Ayushmann, many Bollywood stars are currently practicing self-isolation in view of the 21-day-long government-imposed lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

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